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Aotian  Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was  founded in 1985, according to the modern enterprise mechanism into a large-scale  standardized joint-stock enterprises, with 278 workers,including 23 engineers  and technicians,15 senior engineers.In general, Aotian is in the leading place  of paper-making industry in China .

Our  factory covers an area of about 60000 square meters, has a technical research  and development department, eight large modern processing workshops, and a  quality inspection center, with more than 50 large and medium-sized equipments  and scientific research design, manufacturing, testing, assembly and debugging  and a series of functions.

The  company has passed ISO9001:2000 international quality management system  certification, self-supporting and export rights.

Papermaking  machine and papermaking machine parts is our company's main product.Our factory  can produce mechanical pulping equipment, chemical pulping equipment, paper  scrap deinking equipment, pulping and paper-making sewage treatment equipment,  paper-plastic of composite paper separating equipment, etc.We will provide whole  services according to our clients’ demand, like technical design, equipment  production, installation and test instruction and so on. We will meet and exceed  your expectations. Please contact our custom service for  details.