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Small paper machine process requirements

PUBLISHER:2019-12-05 CLICK:479

  Small paper machine process requirements, this type of shutdown is mainly to ensure product quality and meet the production process requirements, especially the production of high-end cultural paper is more prominent, the main reasons for the shutdown: First, brushing work, wet end water filtration and dewatering After a certain period of time, the function of the component (or material) is reduced, and the initial effect of removing and filtering water cannot be achieved, and it needs to be cleaned regularly. The second is to replace the main process equipment, such as copper mesh and wool cloth, which need to be replaced regularly after reaching the end of their useful life; press rubber rollers, stone rollers are subject to contact and abrasion caused by paper and scrapers, and the medium and high roller surface changes, which will affect product quality and require regular repair.

  Is a recovery, treatment and reuse system for dewatering the forming section of a paper machine. Including white water collection, transportation, filtration or sedimentation, air flotation and other equipment to separate and recycle fiber and filler reuse, and the entire system of clean white water recycling in the papermaking process.